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Since 2001, IdentityMine has been an expert interactive design, software development and user experience (UX) company. We blend powerful design with advanced engineering to build technology for people and results for businesses. Our talent includes world class designers and developers using the latest tools for multiple platforms. With an unwavering commitment to service, IdentityMine has been recognized with numerous awards for being the gold standard of innovative and effective software across multiple verticals. We are founded on a unique commitment to seamlessly deliver world class UX and engineering for scalable and future-ready digital experiences.

Our expertise spans several platforms including Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox, Kinect for Windows, WPF, Xamarin, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Unity, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. We are a proud Microsoft technology partner with a coveted Gold Certification in Software Development. IdentityMine is also recognized as an Ecosystem Insider Program Premier partner, a Microsoft Supplier Program partner and a Xamarin Premier Plus partner. Our staff includes industry leaders with three Microsoft MVP's, two Regional Directors and one Xamarin MVP.

UX Strategy

IdentityMine designs real experiences for real people. Our software deployments deliver a unified vision across the evolving landscape of devices and platforms with interactions that are deeply satisfying, engaging and unique.

Application Development

Our developers bring the ideal user experience to life by turning concepts into reality. IdentityMine is a trusted innovator, building applications for existing and emerging technologies. Years of early adoption have resulted in unrivaled fluency in software platforms. We have also created unique development frameworks to optimize the design and development process.


We follow a modern, immersive, fast and fluid design methodology that celebrates each client’s unique brand. Our designers are development-savvy and only propose solutions that are achievable and suited with the technology being utilized.


IdentityMine is an undisputed leader in the design and development for mobile experiences and has a deep history with enterprise and consumer facing applications. We have developed and maintain a suite of versatile controls and functionality for Windows Phone applications that accelerates time to market for our clients.

Touch / Gesture / NUI

IdentityMine is a well-recognized leader and early adopter of natural user interface (NUI) design and development. We deliver experiences for touch, gesture and voice. NUI is particularly well-suited for the retail industry providing ideal solutions for store associates and customers.

3D User Experience

IdentityMine dedicates a percentage of our time to research and development. This R&D effort results in early adoption of emerging technologies including exciting 3D capabilities utilizing our proprietary 3D graphics engine, which adds a new and compelling layer to experiences.

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