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Rhapsody is the number one premium subscription music service with over one million members who can listen to more than 16 million tracks in over 600 genres. Rhapsody desired to extend the reach of their content to the Xbox 360 platform, designed to provide quick access to millions of songs.

The Xbox 360 application leverages Search, Rhapsody Radio channels, Music Guide, Playlists, My Library and My Rhapsody. It is also possible to search for particularly interesting content or features from deeper within the service. Fast Find is a search function for artists and albums that is well-suited to input constrained devices that have a reasonable amount of on-screen real estate to display search results. IdentityMine designed and created a now highly popular application that seamlessly integrated Rhapsody with Live authentication, while providing an easy-to-use listening experience right from your living room.

Project Overview
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    November 26, 2012
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