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Intel SafeHome
Kinect for Windows, Windows 8

Intel SafeHome was created based on the following goal: demonstrate how an All-In-One computer can act as the center to your home. IdentityMine designed an experience to control various items around the home using touch, gesture and voice. These controls included lighting, temperature control and energy usage. The application was built to support multiple devices including the Z-Wave protocol. It is also one of the first applications to coordinate with non “smart” devices such as simple house fans.

Project Overview
  • Completed:
    January 5, 2014
  • Client:
  • Category:
    Kinect for Windows
    Windows 8

Design an intuitive solution to control various items within your home, with an emphasis on home safety and ease of use.


An integrated application for the All-In-One (pAIO) that could easily connect to various common devices around the home without requiring the purchase of expensive devices. It was supported by one of the top existing protocols to decrease having to write and develop specialty controls. It also supported various options to access and issue commands to the application for multiple uses, such as someone having their arms filled with groceries where voice would be an ideal solution.


An easy to use, out of the box solution that demonstrated how an All-In-One computer can optimize your life at home by tracking and suggesting actionable data.

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