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Kinect for Windows, Xbox

IdentityMine partnered with AOL to deliver its AOL On-Demand video content to the Xbox 360 platform. The AOL ON application provides ad-supported and video-centric content that leverages existing systems and assets. AOL HD brings increased variety of content to their large base of Xbox 360 users. IdentityMine leveraged the Kinect for Windows controls enabling users to navigate through content with gestures and voice commands.


Project Overview
  • Completed:
    December 19, 2012
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    Kinect for Windows

AOL’s goal was to broaden awareness and increase consumption of its ever-growing video library of over 420,000 short form videos from properties such as Huffington Post, Engadget, TechCrunch, Reuters, the AP, BBC, Splash News, Sugar, E!, ET Online, CNET and Martha Stewart. AOL ON required an intuitive experience to ensure customers could easily access their deep libraries of content.


IdentityMine’s UX Design team collaborated with AOL’s creative team, sharing best practices, providing recommendations and guidance to support the Microsoft Xbox Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). We developed the application with the functionality detailed in the wireframes while incorporating the Xbox 360 interactions. Each channel contained several shows which were provided via feeds. IdentityMine implemented deep linking in the application which allows users to be connected to AOL On content from the Xbox 360 dashboard. IdentityMine ensured the data is read from the application at start-up for the video ID and direct navigation to the video player, locates the appropriate video and launches accordingly. IdentityMine also developed custom code to support AOL’s centralized analytic servers.


The AOL ON Xbox 360 application enables quick access to thousands of videos and extends AOL’s brand reach to millions of users. The experience also provides the ability to instantly share videos with social channels like Facebook and is now thrilling users every day.

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