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IdentityMine engineers software, services and architectures for digital products and platforms that deliver on the design and vision time after time, resulting in many satisfied clients. We specialize in multi-faceted, cross-platform projects with beautiful design and complex technical requirements that meets a client's business goals.

Windows 10

Windows 10 universal applications enable you to reach users across the spectrum of Windows devices with one shared project and code base. This allows optimized application experiences for tablet, phone, Xbox One, HoloLens and Internet of Things solutions.

Windows 10 Mobile

With Windows 10 Mobile, applications take advantage of the unification of Windows across desktop, tablet and phone, with access to the same services and capabilities across multiple devices.


Xbox is more than a gaming console - it is a platform at the center of home media and entertainment. Working closely with Microsoft's Xbox team as a Premier Plus Partner, we're continuously at the forefront of new platform developments and delivering high quality experiences.

Immersive Experiences

Augmented (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) devices transport users into engaging and immersive 3D environments. At IdentityMine, our expert Design and Development Teams specialize in the creation of compelling digital realities.


HoloLens is a mixed reality (MR) head mounted device developed by Microsoft running Windows 10. With HoloLens, you will experience holograms, virtual elements incorporated into your real-world environment. Since it is an untethered device, you can walk around your environment unimpeded to view each hologram.

Kinect for Windows

Kinect for Windows revolutionized gaming. Now IdentityMine is revolutionizing Kinect for Windows. Kinect for Windows facilitates NUI interactions using voice and gesture. IdentityMine leads the industry in ambitious, unique and highly effective Kinect-enabled applications.


Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is an exceptional tool for creating visually stunning user experiences for standalone and browser-hosted applications. Several of our top engineers worked on the WPF team at Microsoft, you won’t find a better advisor.


HTML5 facilitates powerful multimedia and interactive applications using style controls, illustration tools, video, audio, and rich media solutions. HTML5 is supported across multiple platforms and devices, overcoming some of the challenges faced by other programming frameworks.


Xamarin enables developing cross platform, native-like applications for iOS and Android in C#. IdentityMine has created an optimal architecture to enable sharing of the maximum code possible and to offer an amazing user experience at the same time. Our philosophy with Xamarin is: No compromises.


Android is highly customizable, yet easy to use as a development platform. With the Google Play marketplace, your Android applications can reach a large install base on several different devices. IdentityMine has extensive expertise in User Experience design and application development on the Android platforms.


IdentityMine is excited about the future of user experience and interactions enabled by touch screen including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS devices are ideal candidates to enhance retail, consumer, and business environments.


SmartGlass extends the Xbox experience to a second screen and provides deeper interactions with a variety of media by integrating devices and content. Our experience developing SmartGlass applications is significant benefit for our clients.

Windows 8

Windows 8 delivers a touch experience to a spectrum of devices, providing choice, access, and advanced functionality to consumer and enterprise applications. IdentityMine has been a leading designer and developer of Windows 8 applications from day one.

Windows Phone 8

IdentityMine has been developing award-winning Windows Phone applications from the inception of this innovative platform. Our applications are ideally suited to the Windows Phone hardware and its users across all verticals including hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing.

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