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Windows Phone Devices Battle it Out in Dogfight

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New smartphones have been boring lately and new iterations of the iPhone have been rather blasé.  Windows Phone intends to change that and there are two recent additions to the Microsoft smartphone family that we are really impressed with (and many of us at IdentityMine actually use). The two phones I’m talking about are the… Read more »

Solutions for On-the-Go Windows Phone Users

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Do you ever feel like you need more time in the day to get everything done? If you have this problem, you may be a very busy person or you may just not be managing your time well. I’m a major proponent for using calendars and sticky notes on computers and smartphones.  I’m also able… Read more »

On The Floor At CES

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We’ve got our troops on the floor at CES and they are ready to bring back all the juicy details. From the Mobile App Showdown to the Last Gadget Standing, CES was chock-full of enthusiastic developers and innovators ready to show why 2012 may be the biggest year yet for all things mobile. Be sure… Read more »

Turn Your Android or iPhone Into a Windows Phone

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Microsoft wants to convert your Android or iPhone into a Windows Phone and all you have to do it go to this link while on your mobile internet browser and away you go. Once you enter the webpage you will be able to run your Android or iPhone as a Windows Phone device with a… Read more »

Nokia Lumia 900 Revealed In Developer Video

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Last week, Nokia revealed a video that was “supposed” to be intended for developers, but made its way to the consumer side thanks to All About Phones.  The video was created to inform developers about Nokia’s “Stunning New Hardware” and “Dynamic Microsoft OS”.  While the information in the developer video is nothing new to the… Read more »

Windows Phone Marketplace Hurdles Over the 40,000 Application Mark

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All About Windows Phone (AAWP) recently reported that the Windows Phone Marketplace had triumphantly surpassed the 40,000 application mark. IdentityMine is extremely happy to hear the news and is glad to have contributed several applications to the Windows Phone Marketplace (and there is more where that came from). AAWP has a tracking system that found… Read more »

Windows Phone NYC Mash-Up Video

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Uploaded today by the WindowsPhone Channel on Youtube was a video mash-up of the Microsoft’s marketing efforts for the Windows Phone in New York. They decided to create an actual six-story tall Windows Phone with working Live Tiles. People crowded the streets of Manhattan to watch “fruit-slashing ninja-action, a surprise gig by party-rockers Far East… Read more »

GDR UK – A Global Innovation Report

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X  A few weeks ago, GDR UK, a trend analysis and forecasting consultancy, published a Global Innovation Report highlighting our Cross Channel Retail Experience (featured in our blog). “Every report delivers a relevant and striking visual narrative of emerging trends impacting key customer touch-points, including: interiors, marketing, digital, new technologies, visual merchandising, packaging, product and… Read more »

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