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Cohort Analysis and Maximizing Investment

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So you’ve already created your value stream map with the purpose of capturing the customer journey as well as defining which specific activities add value. This is a very important step, as a negative or bad experience at any point in the stream can result in customer dissatisfaction, loss of revenue, undermining of your value… Read more »

Become a User Experience Designer in 45 Minutes

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Become a User Experience Designer in 45 Minutes from Sara Summers Okay so we may have been a little dramatic in the title, but it isn’t hard to figure out the basics of UX. Internalizing and practicing solid approaches to good user design takes a little longer but if you want to get the 45… Read more »

5 Key User Experience Design Principles

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It’s not uncommon for people to forget about the importance and value of a good user experience.  Why?  Well, to be honest, processing it is second nature to most of us and we usually do that subconsciously.  Find an app on your phone, a piece of software, a website or even a kitchen gadget that… Read more »

Mobile User Experience Report Highlights

| Tags: Jackie Kmetz, Research, UX

It seems that everyone is focused on mobile these days and, as an industry, mobile is definitely changing the way that we live.  Surprisingly, until now there has been very little study on emerging mobile behaviors – particularly from a user experience standpoint.  Foolproof, a UK-based firm, recently released their Going Mobile 2012 report to help… Read more »

What is the Mythical UX Designer

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So what exactly is a UX Designer? It’s one of those roles that are often cloaked in mystery in the software and application development world to those who don’t eat and breathe programming code for a living.  Their job is to design an experience starting from the interface, graphics, physical interaction, etc. and incorporate that… Read more »

Microsoft Unveils NUads – Kinect Technology is on the Rise

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Gesture-based technology is starting to pop up in many facets of our everyday life; retail, enterprise, automotive, etc. Microsoft’s NUads will begin to air on Xbox Live this fall, utilizing the incredibly popular Kinect motion sensor. “NUads transform standard 30-second TV spots into engaging and actionable experiences using the power of voice and gesture controls… Read more »

Microsoft to Unveil Windows 8 Tablets This Monday

| Tags: Devin Jordan

Microsoft plans to break into the tablet market Monday, reportedly as a software vendor and as a hardware vendor. This marks the first self-branded Microsoft tablet, which is supposed to directly compete with Apple’s iPad and Google’s Android tablets. Microsoft will be holding a press conference in Los Angeles on Monday the 18th, and while… Read more »

Blurring the Lines – Mobile, Online, Brick-and-Mortar Retail

| Tags: Devin Jordan

When it comes to retail, there are many different avenues that one can go down, either as consumers or retailers. Many consumers are becoming more tech savvy, which enables them to find more options on where to buy when shopping for certain products. The slowed economy has brought an influx of daily deal sites and… Read more »

iPad More Intuitive than a Magazine?

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*Original post by Steven Sande on While we’re waiting for our iPhone 4S’s to get delivered (or activated), I thought this would be a good time filler. It’s a one-year-old baby who seemingly understands the touch user interface of the iPad (even when it is upside-down), but becomes confused with a magazine that doesn’t… Read more »

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