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HTML5 Means More Platform Bang for Your Buck

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You have heard the saying “measure twice, cut once” but what about “code once, deploy everywhere”?  Maybe not… at least not yet. One of the most important advantages to HTML5 is its cross-platform capability allowing developers to write HTML5 code and deploy it across multiple devices and screen sizes. Many of the unnecessary element attributes… Read more »

What is the Mythical UX Designer

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So what exactly is a UX Designer? It’s one of those roles that are often cloaked in mystery in the software and application development world to those who don’t eat and breathe programming code for a living.  Their job is to design an experience starting from the interface, graphics, physical interaction, etc. and incorporate that… Read more »

On The Floor At CES

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We’ve got our troops on the floor at CES and they are ready to bring back all the juicy details. From the Mobile App Showdown to the Last Gadget Standing, CES was chock-full of enthusiastic developers and innovators ready to show why 2012 may be the biggest year yet for all things mobile. Be sure… Read more »

Turn Your Android or iPhone Into a Windows Phone

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Microsoft wants to convert your Android or iPhone into a Windows Phone and all you have to do it go to this link while on your mobile internet browser and away you go. Once you enter the webpage you will be able to run your Android or iPhone as a Windows Phone device with a… Read more »

EXOdesk – The Consumer Multitouch Desk of the Future?

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EXOpc recently released a video of its EXOdesk, a 40” multitouch desk that closely resembles the Microsoft Surface 2.0.  This high definition desk-top interface provides its user with RSS feeds, social alerts and several native applications.  The video also reveals a price tag of $1,299 (which is a more consumer friendly price than $11,046 MSRP… Read more »

Which Tech Toys Do Kids Want For The Holidays?

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It is the holiday season again and you may find yourself wondering what gifts to give to your kids and relatives. If your kids are anything like us (sadly, we’re more like kids), they will desire all the newest gadgets and electronics. Watch this video to get an idea about what kids want this holiday… Read more »

Blending the Lines – Smartphones and Watches

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Many people, including me, ditched their watches in favor of their smartphones in order to worry about one less thing to remember before running to work. Today, I stumbled across a new smartwatch that emulates the user interface of Android-based smartphones. Milan-based Blue Sky created the first “smartwatch” named the i’m Watch which sports many… Read more »

New Tablets Coming to the Market – Nokia Wants In

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Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, has been the center of attention of Microsoft and Windows Phone bloggers since the launch of the Nokia’s Lumia 710 and 800 Windows Phone handsets. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Stephen made a few remarks regarding Nokia’s plans to jump into the tablet market. “There’s a new tablet opportunity coming,”… Read more »

Microsoft’s Vision of the Future

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Microsoft’s video displays how they imagine the world will use their technology; mobile devices and digital displays are fully integrated into every facet of our lives. This is the direction IdentityMine has been moving towards over the past few years as we have heavily invested in gesture, touch screen, digital displays, and mobile technology -… Read more »

GDR UK – A Global Innovation Report

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X  A few weeks ago, GDR UK, a trend analysis and forecasting consultancy, published a Global Innovation Report highlighting our Cross Channel Retail Experience (featured in our blog). “Every report delivers a relevant and striking visual narrative of emerging trends impacting key customer touch-points, including: interiors, marketing, digital, new technologies, visual merchandising, packaging, product and… Read more »

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