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Need Another Reason To Go Mobile?

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Well how about this.  MediaPost news reports that while the stock prices are plummeting after missing second-quarter revenue expectations, Groupon and rival site LivingSocial are showing that mobile is clearly playing an increasingly central role in its business.  Why is that?  Well for both companies, mobile trafic now exceeds that of desktop traffic according to… Read more »

The Future of Retail

| Tags: Kinect for Windows, Mobile, Retail

In the 1950’s, Popular Mechanics had their predictions for the future of retail figured out… well at least what they thought it would look like. They predicted that shopping by picture phone would be available by the year 2000 and they weren’t too far off.  Although their predictions of eating from sawdust were a little farfetched…. Read more »

HTML5 Means More Platform Bang for Your Buck

| Tags: HTML5

You have heard the saying “measure twice, cut once” but what about “code once, deploy everywhere”?  Maybe not… at least not yet. One of the most important advantages to HTML5 is its cross-platform capability allowing developers to write HTML5 code and deploy it across multiple devices and screen sizes. Many of the unnecessary element attributes… Read more »

What is the Mythical UX Designer

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So what exactly is a UX Designer? It’s one of those roles that are often cloaked in mystery in the software and application development world to those who don’t eat and breathe programming code for a living.  Their job is to design an experience starting from the interface, graphics, physical interaction, etc. and incorporate that… Read more »

Blurring the Lines – Mobile, Online, Brick-and-Mortar Retail

| Tags: Devin Jordan

When it comes to retail, there are many different avenues that one can go down, either as consumers or retailers. Many consumers are becoming more tech savvy, which enables them to find more options on where to buy when shopping for certain products. The slowed economy has brought an influx of daily deal sites and… Read more »

Windows Phone Devices Battle it Out in Dogfight

| Tags: Devin Jordan

New smartphones have been boring lately and new iterations of the iPhone have been rather blasé.  Windows Phone intends to change that and there are two recent additions to the Microsoft smartphone family that we are really impressed with (and many of us at IdentityMine actually use). The two phones I’m talking about are the… Read more »

Solutions for On-the-Go Windows Phone Users

| Tags: Devin Jordan

Do you ever feel like you need more time in the day to get everything done? If you have this problem, you may be a very busy person or you may just not be managing your time well. I’m a major proponent for using calendars and sticky notes on computers and smartphones.  I’m also able… Read more »

Five Augmented Reality Apps Worth Seeing

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Lately, there has been much talk of merging the physical world with the digital landscape. Augmented reality enhances one’s perception of reality by adding computer generated input to create a modified experience. Now that mobile devices are ubiquitous, augmented reality is at our fingertips nearly everywhere we go. IdentityMine loves emerging technology in the mobile… Read more »

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