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The Power of Microsoft PixelSense

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I have to admit it – I am still ridiculously fascinated by the Microsoft® PixelSense™ table.  Have you seen it yet?  PixelSense technology enables the Samsung SUR40 to recognize fingers, hands and objects placed on the screen, enabling vision-based interaction without the use of external cameras. The individual pixels in the display see what’s touching… Read more »

Microsoft Unveils NUads – Kinect Technology is on the Rise

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Gesture-based technology is starting to pop up in many facets of our everyday life; retail, enterprise, automotive, etc. Microsoft’s NUads will begin to air on Xbox Live this fall, utilizing the incredibly popular Kinect motion sensor. “NUads transform standard 30-second TV spots into engaging and actionable experiences using the power of voice and gesture controls… Read more »

Microsoft Reported to Buy Yammer?

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Microsoft has been the highlight of many tech news reports in the past weeks. With reports of new Windows 8 tablets being unveiled this coming Monday (June 18th) along with the invite-only Windows Phone Developer Summit, the Redmond-based tech giant seems to be making big moves. A report in the Wall Street Journal stated that… Read more »

Microsoft to Unveil Windows 8 Tablets This Monday

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Microsoft plans to break into the tablet market Monday, reportedly as a software vendor and as a hardware vendor. This marks the first self-branded Microsoft tablet, which is supposed to directly compete with Apple’s iPad and Google’s Android tablets. Microsoft will be holding a press conference in Los Angeles on Monday the 18th, and while… Read more »

Xbox Kinect for Retail Experiences – Kinect with Consumers

| Tags: Stuart Mayhew

PART 1 Microsoft Kinect is quickly becoming ubiquitous in the gaming ecosystem and is a topic I find myself bringing up more with retail clients. With the adoption of Kinect on the Xbox platform and with all the Kinect games out now, people are beginning to better understand gesture-based interactions. Plus, with many new Kinect applications… Read more »

Windows Phone Devices Battle it Out in Dogfight

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New smartphones have been boring lately and new iterations of the iPhone have been rather blasé.  Windows Phone intends to change that and there are two recent additions to the Microsoft smartphone family that we are really impressed with (and many of us at IdentityMine actually use). The two phones I’m talking about are the… Read more »

Solutions for On-the-Go Windows Phone Users

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Do you ever feel like you need more time in the day to get everything done? If you have this problem, you may be a very busy person or you may just not be managing your time well. I’m a major proponent for using calendars and sticky notes on computers and smartphones.  I’m also able… Read more »

On The Floor At CES

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We’ve got our troops on the floor at CES and they are ready to bring back all the juicy details. From the Mobile App Showdown to the Last Gadget Standing, CES was chock-full of enthusiastic developers and innovators ready to show why 2012 may be the biggest year yet for all things mobile. Be sure… Read more »

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