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HTML5 Means More Platform Bang for Your Buck

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You have heard the saying “measure twice, cut once” but what about “code once, deploy everywhere”?  Maybe not… at least not yet. One of the most important advantages to HTML5 is its cross-platform capability allowing developers to write HTML5 code and deploy it across multiple devices and screen sizes. Many of the unnecessary element attributes… Read more »

Turn Your Android or iPhone Into a Windows Phone

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Microsoft wants to convert your Android or iPhone into a Windows Phone and all you have to do it go to this link while on your mobile internet browser and away you go. Once you enter the webpage you will be able to run your Android or iPhone as a Windows Phone device with a… Read more »

Which Tech Toys Do Kids Want For The Holidays?

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It is the holiday season again and you may find yourself wondering what gifts to give to your kids and relatives. If your kids are anything like us (sadly, we’re more like kids), they will desire all the newest gadgets and electronics. Watch this video to get an idea about what kids want this holiday… Read more »

Whats all the Brouha About? iPhone App Sends Customers Real-time Deals Straight to Their Phone

| Tags: Devin Jordan

iPhone application, Brouha, allows customers to receive real-time messages from businesses. While the customer is in the store, they receive details about deals, events, menus, product lists, and time-sensitive information. In order to use the application, customers must pick up a Brouha card from and participating businesses and register the card to their phone. Once… Read more »

Be Productive –Smartphone Applications That Get Things Done

| Tags: Devin Jordan

The newest generation of smartphones (or any smartphone for that matter) possess an amazing amount of applications – some for pure enjoyment and some you can’t live without. Most of the applications I download help me turn downtime into productive uptime. Time spent chatting with the cashier at my local grocery store has now turned… Read more »

IdentityMine goes Mobile – Windows Phone 7 and more…

| Tags: Chad Brown, Mobile, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, WPF

IdentityMine has built a great brand and fantastic reputation within a niche market targeted at high-end user experience. Historically these experiences took the shape of top shelf production-level desktop applications for ISV and Enterprise customers. Over the last few years IdentityMine has built on this foundation to successfully add Rich Internet Applications (R I A),… Read more »

3 UX Rules for Mobile

| Tags: Mobile, Windows Phone 7

Today, mobile users outnumber traditional computer users 20:1. Mobile devices have liberated a generation to go out into the world to explore, discover, and share their experiences, and we like nothing more than to leverage the freedom of mobile to deliver amazing user experience right in the palm of your hand.  Mobile’s not just for… Read more »

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