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Kinect for Windows SDK Update and What it Means for Developers

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If you didn’t get the news on Monday, Microsoft Kinect for Windows released its SDK update and launched the sensor in China. Developers and business leaders around the world are just beginning to realize what’s possible when the natural user interface capabilities of Kinect are made available for commercial use in Windows environments.The full list… Read more »

The Fabled Design Method – Part 2

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In our last post we talked in some detail about user experience design (UXD or UED), the Design Method and how the method differs from the process.  In this post we’ll spend a little time talking about that often elusive creative process and getting those creative juices flowing to get a great result. How to… Read more »

The Fabled Design Method

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What is user experience design and how does it work? You’re probably familiar with the phrase “reinventing the wheel”. Well, user experience design is a little bit like that. At a high level, user experience design (UXD or UED) is a broad term that covers all aspects of a user’s experience with your system. This… Read more »

We Have MVPs

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Today, IdentityMine announced the appointment of Daron Yondem as Sr. Director, MEA Region. As a distinguished author of two books and multiple magazine articles, Daron brings with him well over a decade of experience in Microsoft technologies. With this experience comes reward, and for the past five years, Daron has been awarded Microsoft MVP status… Read more »

On The Floor At CES

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We’ve got our troops on the floor at CES and they are ready to bring back all the juicy details. From the Mobile App Showdown to the Last Gadget Standing, CES was chock-full of enthusiastic developers and innovators ready to show why 2012 may be the biggest year yet for all things mobile. Be sure… Read more »

Why Gamification Will Change Marketing

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Gamification is changing the game (pun partially intended) when it comes to marketing. Typically, gamification applies to non-game applications and processes designed to get users engaged in desired behaviors. These behaviors drive involvement in a company’s marketing efforts, creating rewards programs for a user’s social action. This can aid and support the growth of an… Read more »

Windows Phone Marketplace Hurdles Over the 40,000 Application Mark

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All About Windows Phone (AAWP) recently reported that the Windows Phone Marketplace had triumphantly surpassed the 40,000 application mark. IdentityMine is extremely happy to hear the news and is glad to have contributed several applications to the Windows Phone Marketplace (and there is more where that came from). AAWP has a tracking system that found… Read more »

Building Mobile Apps – Easier Than Ever on Microsoft Azure

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With Windows Azure Toolkits for Devices, creating mobile apps iOS, Android, and Windows Phone is easier than ever using Microsoft’s cloud service. Use Windows Azure to build great mobile apps: Develop faster and cheaper, reducing time to market. Power your apps with cool cloud features: Easily implement cloud storage, single sign-on, and push notifications. Get… Read more »

Samsung Turning Windows into LED TVs

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Samsung has long been the leader in LED technology, and this past week, scientists at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology made a discovery that could turn glass windows into LED TVs. The researchers at Samsung have created a “single crystalline Gallium Nitride on amorphous glass substrates.” – whatever that means. Imagine a rooftop apartment… Read more »

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