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The Fabled Design Method – Part 2

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In our last post we talked in some detail about user experience design (UXD or UED), the Design Method and how the method differs from the process.  In this post we’ll spend a little time talking about that often elusive creative process and getting those creative juices flowing to get a great result. How to… Read more »

What is the Mythical UX Designer

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So what exactly is a UX Designer? It’s one of those roles that are often cloaked in mystery in the software and application development world to those who don’t eat and breathe programming code for a living.  Their job is to design an experience starting from the interface, graphics, physical interaction, etc. and incorporate that… Read more »

The Fabled Design Method

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What is user experience design and how does it work? You’re probably familiar with the phrase “reinventing the wheel”. Well, user experience design is a little bit like that. At a high level, user experience design (UXD or UED) is a broad term that covers all aspects of a user’s experience with your system. This… Read more »

Xbox Kinect for Retail Experiences – Kinect with Consumers

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PART 1 Microsoft Kinect is quickly becoming ubiquitous in the gaming ecosystem and is a topic I find myself bringing up more with retail clients. With the adoption of Kinect on the Xbox platform and with all the Kinect games out now, people are beginning to better understand gesture-based interactions. Plus, with many new Kinect applications… Read more »

Virtual Tour of Nissan Pathfinder Using Kinect for Windows

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Today Nissan North America changed the way consumers interact with cars in dealership showrooms. IdentityMine and digital agency Critical Mass celebrate the launch of the fully immersive Nissan Pathfinder Experience, utilizing Kinect for Windows. Originally, Kinect was used to enhance the Xbox 360 gaming system; now Kinect can be applied to a variety of consumer… Read more »

Why Gamification Will Change Marketing

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Gamification is changing the game (pun partially intended) when it comes to marketing. Typically, gamification applies to non-game applications and processes designed to get users engaged in desired behaviors. These behaviors drive involvement in a company’s marketing efforts, creating rewards programs for a user’s social action. This can aid and support the growth of an… Read more »

Windows Phone Marketplace Hurdles Over the 40,000 Application Mark

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All About Windows Phone (AAWP) recently reported that the Windows Phone Marketplace had triumphantly surpassed the 40,000 application mark. IdentityMine is extremely happy to hear the news and is glad to have contributed several applications to the Windows Phone Marketplace (and there is more where that came from). AAWP has a tracking system that found… Read more »

Blending the Lines – Smartphones and Watches

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Many people, including me, ditched their watches in favor of their smartphones in order to worry about one less thing to remember before running to work. Today, I stumbled across a new smartwatch that emulates the user interface of Android-based smartphones. Milan-based Blue Sky created the first “smartwatch” named the i’m Watch which sports many… Read more »

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