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Blurring the Lines – Mobile, Online, Brick-and-Mortar Retail

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When it comes to retail, there are many different avenues that one can go down, either as consumers or retailers. Many consumers are becoming more tech savvy, which enables them to find more options on where to buy when shopping for certain products. The slowed economy has brought an influx of daily deal sites and… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy SII Ad Pokes Fun At Apple Diehards

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The next big thing is here, the Galaxy SII, and I would have to agree. I live a few blocks away from a Mac Store in the University Village in Seattle and I do have to say that it is hilarious to see the line snake out the door and extend throughout the shopping complex… Read more »

In Prague, New App Allows Consumers to Purchase Products Using QR Codes

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Some of you may remember Tesco’s mobile shopping application deployed in South Korea’s subways; recently another subway shopping application has popped up in the Czech Republic. Consumers can scan QR codes under each product, which will send their order to the online store and guarantee free next-day delivery. The application works with both Android… Read more »

Steve Jobs – Last Words

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Steve Jobs, Commander in Chief of the tech industry, will forever be remembered as a visionary. His sister, Mona Simpson, wrote a powerful eulogy for his private funeral held earlier this month.   Read the New York Times article A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs, to delve deeper into his life, his illness, and his… Read more »

iPad More Intuitive than a Magazine?

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*Original post by Steven Sande on While we’re waiting for our iPhone 4S’s to get delivered (or activated), I thought this would be a good time filler. It’s a one-year-old baby who seemingly understands the touch user interface of the iPad (even when it is upside-down), but becomes confused with a magazine that doesn’t… Read more »

Apple’s Blast from the Past

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25 years ago, Knowledge Navigator was Apple’s concept of the future. It featured text-to-speech and an equally powerful speech understanding system  Funny thing – it is now finally being used in the new iPhone 4s as Siri. This voice-controlled assistant answers to a slew of commands; set alarms, activate contacts, play music, access your calendar,… Read more »

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