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Client-side caching matters

| Tags: Rene Schulte, Strategy

We recently worked on a Xamarin application for the Amazon Fire TV Android platform. We faced some challenges which we love to address. One of which was the backend speed; however, this feature was out of our scope. Still, the client application needed to interact with the backend speed. Otherwise, with no data, there is… Read more »

Innovations in Content Creation for Public Experiences

| Tags: Internet of Things, Kinect for Windows, Matthias Shapiro, Strategy, UX

Of the many projects IdentityMine has designed and developed, some of the most innovative have been created for public spaces. Public experiences require a different perspective than most applications because they require us to think of dimensions of the experience beyond how a single user views or interacts with it. Let’s move from the simplest… Read more »

Cohort Analysis and Maximizing Investment

| Tags: Kim Logan, Research, Strategy, Tips, UX

So you’ve already created your value stream map with the purpose of capturing the customer journey as well as defining which specific activities add value. This is a very important step, as a negative or bad experience at any point in the stream can result in customer dissatisfaction, loss of revenue, undermining of your value… Read more »

10 Steps for Awesome Speech Recognition User Interface Design: Part 1

| Tags: Design, Developers, Kinect for Windows, Strategy, Tips, UX

Speech Recognition is one of the most important new features and technologies that needs to be considered when focusing on user-centered design. Voice/speech recognition is now mainstream and ranges from frustrating experiences (tried navigating a credit card “customer service” phone tree lately?) to incredibly helpful (have you tried the Kinect’s voice recognition yet?) Well-designed user… Read more »

Cocktail Techie Term: Affective Interaction Design

| Tags: Cocktail Term of the Week, Design, Strategy, Tips, UX

When performing interaction design, it is vitally important for designers to be aware of key elements within their interfaces and designs that influence emotions in users. Interaction design, often shortened to IxD, is the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services.  It is heavily focused on satisfying the needs and desires of… Read more »

10 Design Challenges of the Mobile Web – Part 2

| Tags: Design, Mobile, Mobile Commerce, Research, Smartphone, Strategy, Tips, UX

Is this year ‘the year of mobile’? Every year, for the last five years, you’ll find that the answer is the same: YES. According to Smashing Magazine, some of the considerations that apply to mobile web are similar to designing desktop websites — with some additional mobile-only considerations that go hand-in-hand with small screens, device… Read more »

10 Design Challenges of the Mobile Web – Part 1

| Tags: Design, Mobile, Research, Strategy, UX

As many companies take a deeper look at their need to go beyond having a website that is simply available to one that is optimized, it becomes exceedingly important to consider how visitors are seeing and navigating content in a mobile web environment. According to StatCounter figures from November 2012, 13% of all global Internet… Read more »

Cocktail Party Techie Term: Personas

| Tags: Cocktail Term of the Week, Design, Mobile Commerce, Retail, Strategy, UX

Do you remember back when the functionality of web sites and software came in only a one-size-fits-all approach? Those days are long past, with customization being the new standard. As thousands of users begin to use the same services, each approaches with many different goals, requiring increased product functionality. However, by designers attempting to satisfy… Read more »

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