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A short history of Natural User Interfaces

| Tags: Design, Kinect for Windows, Marcus Ghaly, Mobile, Research, UX

A guest post by Marcus Ghaly When computing moved from inputting punch-cards to using keyboards in the 60’s and 70’s, a revolution in computing took place.  Governments, businesses, universities, and research institutes began doing large scale computation, statistical analysis, and built the early networks like the ARPA Net, which would eventually become the Internet and… Read more »

10 Design Challenges of the Mobile Web – Part 2

| Tags: Design, Mobile, Mobile Commerce, Research, Smartphone, Strategy, Tips, UX

Is this year ‘the year of mobile’? Every year, for the last five years, you’ll find that the answer is the same: YES. According to Smashing Magazine, some of the considerations that apply to mobile web are similar to designing desktop websites — with some additional mobile-only considerations that go hand-in-hand with small screens, device… Read more »

10 Design Challenges of the Mobile Web – Part 1

| Tags: Design, Mobile, Research, Strategy, UX

As many companies take a deeper look at their need to go beyond having a website that is simply available to one that is optimized, it becomes exceedingly important to consider how visitors are seeing and navigating content in a mobile web environment. According to StatCounter figures from November 2012, 13% of all global Internet… Read more »

Google Nails It: Mobile Shopping Experience Video

| Tags: Mobile, Mobile Commerce, UX

  In an effort to push their Analytics platform, Google made a very funny yet poignant video about the “hurdles” still to be solved in mobile shopping to make the experience more customer-friendly.  Check it out.  Of course this presents a great opportunity for user-centered design experts and developers like us to keep pushing hard… Read more »

New Research: Impulse Buying Increases Thanks to Smartphones & Tablets

| Tags: Mobile, Mobile Commerce, Research, Smartphone, Tablet

In a survey commissioned by Rackspace, over 2,000 smartphone and tablet owners were questioned about their attitudes towards various aspects of mobile commerce.  They found that mobile is helping to drive an increase in impulse buying, particularly for clothes and music.  But the results also showed that security concerns remain high and a main reason… Read more »

Second Screen Strategy – Do you have one?

| Tags: Mobile, Research, Strategy, UX

Have you heard the news?  Consumer attention spans, or at least time where you have their undivided attention, is disappearing quickly.  Did you know that nearly a quarter of people (24%) use a second screens while watching TV?  And almost half of all 16-24 year olds use communication tools such as messaging, email, Facebook, or… Read more »

Need Another Reason To Go Mobile?

| Tags: Mobile, Research, Social Media

Well how about this.  MediaPost news reports that while the stock prices are plummeting after missing second-quarter revenue expectations, Groupon and rival site LivingSocial are showing that mobile is clearly playing an increasingly central role in its business.  Why is that?  Well for both companies, mobile trafic now exceeds that of desktop traffic according to… Read more »

The Future of Retail

| Tags: Kinect for Windows, Mobile, Retail

In the 1950’s, Popular Mechanics had their predictions for the future of retail figured out… well at least what they thought it would look like. They predicted that shopping by picture phone would be available by the year 2000 and they weren’t too far off.  Although their predictions of eating from sawdust were a little farfetched…. Read more »

Superphones – Windows Phones You Will Drool Over

| Tags: Mobile, Windows Phone 7

It seems like there is never a shortage of smartphones on the market, especially with more manufactures opting to jump into the Windows Phone market. Although the previous lineup of Windows Phones have proved to be a bit lackluster, there are two new superphones about to hit the shelves (we’ll find out when September 1)… Read more »

5 from the Mine – It’s All Mobile

| Tags: Mobile

Today we are here to bring you all things mobile; Applications, Mobile News, New Phones, and everything in between. Below are 5 things IdentityMine dug up from the never-ending black hole we call the internet, or simply, the “Mine.” Windows Phone Marketplace Climbs to 30,000 Apps – Marketplace accepting Mango submissions Congrats to Microsoft and… Read more »

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