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A short history of Natural User Interfaces

| Tags: Design, Kinect for Windows, Marcus Ghaly, Mobile, Research, UX

A guest post by Marcus Ghaly When computing moved from inputting punch-cards to using keyboards in the 60’s and 70’s, a revolution in computing took place.  Governments, businesses, universities, and research institutes began doing large scale computation, statistical analysis, and built the early networks like the ARPA Net, which would eventually become the Internet and… Read more »

10 Steps for Awesome Speech Recognition User Interface Design: Part 1

| Tags: Design, Developers, Kinect for Windows, Strategy, Tips, UX

Speech Recognition is one of the most important new features and technologies that needs to be considered when focusing on user-centered design. Voice/speech recognition is now mainstream and ranges from frustrating experiences (tried navigating a credit card “customer service” phone tree lately?) to incredibly helpful (have you tried the Kinect’s voice recognition yet?) Well-designed user… Read more »

Cocktail Techie Term: Affective Interaction Design

| Tags: Cocktail Term of the Week, Design, Strategy, Tips, UX

When performing interaction design, it is vitally important for designers to be aware of key elements within their interfaces and designs that influence emotions in users. Interaction design, often shortened to IxD, is the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services.  It is heavily focused on satisfying the needs and desires of… Read more »

10 Design Challenges of the Mobile Web – Part 2

| Tags: Design, Mobile, Mobile Commerce, Research, Smartphone, Strategy, Tips, UX

Is this year ‘the year of mobile’? Every year, for the last five years, you’ll find that the answer is the same: YES. According to Smashing Magazine, some of the considerations that apply to mobile web are similar to designing desktop websites — with some additional mobile-only considerations that go hand-in-hand with small screens, device… Read more »

10 Design Challenges of the Mobile Web – Part 1

| Tags: Design, Mobile, Research, Strategy, UX

As many companies take a deeper look at their need to go beyond having a website that is simply available to one that is optimized, it becomes exceedingly important to consider how visitors are seeing and navigating content in a mobile web environment. According to StatCounter figures from November 2012, 13% of all global Internet… Read more »

Cocktail Party Techie Term: Personas

| Tags: Cocktail Term of the Week, Design, Mobile Commerce, Retail, Strategy, UX

Do you remember back when the functionality of web sites and software came in only a one-size-fits-all approach? Those days are long past, with customization being the new standard. As thousands of users begin to use the same services, each approaches with many different goals, requiring increased product functionality. However, by designers attempting to satisfy… Read more »

How to get 40% of your customers to spend more

| Tags: Design, Research, Tips, UX

Who wouldn’t want to increase customer spending? A new survey from Oracle points to the importance of customers having positive experiences while shopping online, demonstrating that price alone is not the key to beating the competition. Getting the basics of customer services standard pays off more than “service extras”. In a survey of over 1,400… Read more »

The Power of Microsoft PixelSense

| Tags: Design, Developers, Jackie Kmetz, Microsoft PixelSense, Microsoft Surface

I have to admit it – I am still ridiculously fascinated by the Microsoft® PixelSense™ table.  Have you seen it yet?  PixelSense technology enables the Samsung SUR40 to recognize fingers, hands and objects placed on the screen, enabling vision-based interaction without the use of external cameras. The individual pixels in the display see what’s touching… Read more »

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