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With the Microsoft HoloLens announcement at the //Build/ developer conference, we are proud to share our HoloLens experience.




We were accepted into the Microsoft HoloLens Agency/Consultancy Immersion Program. As such, we were part of the first wave of agencies and consultants trained on the HoloLens technology, culminating in our being listed as an approved HoloLens Agency Partner. We attended trainings on the Microsoft campus to learn about the technology and collaborate with the HoloLens designers and developers.

To add to our excitement, we received the HoloLens devices as part of this program. Our developers and 3D artists who already have a long standing experience in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) development were more than ready to put our research and development ideas into practice and create functional Mixed Reality (MR) HoloLens experiences.

We have seen Triceratops and T-Rex holograms in our office, viewed 3D visualizations of Hawaiian flight space in our conference rooms, built a customized shed in our QA lab and remodeled a conference room to experiment with virtual cargo loading.

During //Build/, Rene Schulte and Laurent Bugnion will present some of our learnings and work in the aerospace industry. Our HoloFlight app visualizes real flight data to provide the user with the ability to experience flights in 3D which is closely mirroring the real-world of flight data. Their theater presentation times are Wednesday March 30th at 12:30 PM and Thursday March 31 at 12:30 PM.


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About HoloLens

  • Mixed Reality head-mounted device from Microsoft
  • Array of sensors analyzes the real-world in real-time
  • Self-contained, using a dedicated Holographic Processing Unit, CPU, GPU
  • Virtual objects are merged into the users’ view using special layered screens / lenses creating a holographic experience
  • Integrated audio provides immersive spatial sound experience
  • Input paradigms include Gaze (look-at), Gesture (air tap) and Voice (speech recognition)
  • Runs on Windows 10

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