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Star IdentityMine developer, Josh Smith just got some good news from Amazon; Folks in the UK can finally get his book, Advanced MVVM, from the Kindle store.   When you purchase his book from Amazon’s Kindle store, you can read it on a variety of devices: the Kindle e-book reader, iPhone, iPad, your PC, and others.

Josh Smith Advanced MVVM Book

This e-book is for WPF and Silverlight developers looking to take their Model-View-ViewModel skills to the next level. It reviews how the MVVM design pattern was used to create a fun and addictive game that provides an elegant user experience. Learn how to support unlimited undo, coordinate animated transitions, control modal dialog boxes from a ViewModel, and much more.

Josh is an industry recognized expert in WPF, Silverlight, and MVVM, on how to properly design complex View and ViewModel architectures. You can follow his blog here.  We highly recommend it!

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